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Whitehead and Associates Environmental Consultants Pty Ltd
Centre for Environmental Training
Onsite I site

On-site and decentralised wastewater management

We offer services in:                                                                                                  

  • Site and Soil Assessment Reports, ‘Geotech Reports’, for Single Lots and Subdivisions
  • Wastewater Management Reports for Single Lots and Subdivisions
  • Land Capability Assessment Reports for Single Lots and Subdivisions
  • On-site Wastewater Management System Design for Domestic and Commercial Applications
  • High hazard lot and Development Assessment Framework (DAF) Designs
  • Decentralised Wastewater System Design for Communities and Villages
  • Detailed Specifications and Designs for Septic Tanks, Aerated Wastewater Systems, Sand Filters, Irrigation Systems, Absorption Trenches, Evapotranspiration/Absorption Beds, Wisconsin Mounds, Sand Mounds, Biolytic Filters, Reed Beds and Wetlands
  • Nutrient Removal Systems
  • Water and Nutrient Balances
  • Viral Die-off Modeling
  • Cumulative Impact Assessment (CIA)
  • Modeling Using the Decentralised Sewage Model (DSM)
  • Greywater Disposal and Reuse Systems
  • Wastewater Treatment, Reclamation and Reuse/Recycling Studies and Designs
  • Package Treatment Plant Design and Management
  • Pond Systems
  • Hydraulic Design for Irrigation Systems and Pressure Dosed Systems
  • Low Pressure Effluent Distribution (LPED) systems, Flouts and Siphons
  • Operation and Management Plans
  • Wastewater System Audits
  • Wastewater Sampling and Testing
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Performance Validation
  • Troubleshooting and Maintenance
  • Asset Management
  • Winery Wastewater Management
  • Agricultural Industry Wastewater Management
  • Options Studies for On-Site or Decentralised Wastewater Treatment/Disposal
  • Preparation of Development Control Plans for Councils
  • Preparation of Domestic Wastewater Management Plans for Councils
  • Preparation of Strategic Water and Wastewater Management Plans for Service Providers
  • Independent Third Party Reviews
  • Expert Evidence
  • Preparation of Guidelines and Regulatory Documents
  • Tender Document Preparation
  • Tender Evaluation